Wescott Analtyics LLC

Wescott Analytics LLC


Wescott Analtyics LLC

Wescott Analytics LLC is a multi-talented team of professionals who provide damage assessment, measurement, case strategy, and related research and analysis in connection with securities fraud and other complex litigation. Although Wescott Analytics does not provide legal advice or services, its team of advisors, including economists, certified public accountants, lawyers and paralegals, certified fraud examiners, financial consultants and planners, and information system specialists, assist lawyers throughout the litigation process.

Our versatile group of professionals have developed and use advanced technologies, including proprietary methodologies, to serve our clients. A network of specialists provides additional support to supplement the damage assessment process.

For Additional Information

Contact Michael A. Gillen, CPA, CFE, CFF at 215.979.1605 or
Michael J. Lee, CFA at 215.979.1650.